Born and bred New Yorker, now Philadelphia based, graduated Drexel University with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Dance.  Since an early age I have had a desire to work with my hands to create beauty in unlikely spaces.  I have also always been curious of my surroundings, documenting the ones that intrigue me along the way.  I love finding ways to marry my talents and be challenged to go beyond the creative labels I have defined myself as above.  I strive to create detailed, unique and passionate works of art using various mediums.  Whether its using my extensive knowledge of spacial design and detailing or using my own visual perspective to photograph and sketch performers and spaces the opportunities for exploration and collaboration are endless. 

Collaborate with me by emailing me at kchowstudios@gmail.com 

Dance Collaborators

Martha Graham Dance Co., Shaping Sound Co., Olive Prince Dance, Somatic Movers, PhysiKal Bodies, Somanaut Dance, Alie Vidich (Invisible River), Mizanty Moves, Allen Dance, Caroline O'Brien, Victoria Vardilli, Amanda Lenox, Savannah Carr/ Sabzabi.io, Amy Novinski, Drexel Fresh Dance Ensemble

"Art is eternal, for it reveals the inner landscape, which is the soul of man." -Martha Graham